7 Excellent Customer Service Goals And Their Importance to Companies

7 Excellent Customer Service Goals And Their Importance to Companies

For many companies, a good chunk of their budget may go to marketing or even production. While all these could use some padding, when a budget is too low or when a company waits for a return on investment in these categories, an investment in reliable customer service will always improve a company’s reputation.

The customer service portion of a company is just as significant, if not more so than all the others. Customer service is, after all, a direct connection between the customer and the business. Understanding and improving customer service is essential to a business’s growth and longevity. Below are some great examples of why excellent customer service is a must-have in today’s business atmosphere.

Seven Customer Service Needs for Every Business

1. Customer Retention over Customer Acquisition: Retaining customers is the best bet for many companies. A mere 5% can equal an increase of 25% in profit. As customer shopping trends change, the repeat customer spends more, around 67% more, which means operating costs for a business is less.

2. A brand is more than just an image, mission statement, or set of values: Customers can’t get inside a business’s head. They make assumptions off social media, ads, and other external marketing ploys. This is why having a customer service team to connect with customers is the best way to present your brand to them. Customers influence others and give you strength over the completion.

3. Happy employees create happy customers: Valuing your employees is the base of great customer service. An appreciated employee will go above and beyond the call of duty to help a customer and meet their needs. Accordingly, 87% of all employees who love their jobs work harder for the customer.

4. Satisfied customers refer others: The more a customer is happy, the more likely they’ll tell others about your company. About 77% of customers share their experience with others. This includes friends, family, and even coworkers.

5. Exceptional customers service breeds loyalty: If a customer has a great experience with your company, the chances of them coming back are even better as there’s no reason to go elsewhere. It is cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one.

6. Customers pay more where the customer service is better: Fifty percent of all customers spend more after shopping with a company with excellent customer service. In fact, some will even pay more to get a better experience as they know the quality of service is worth it.

7. Employees can offer insights about your customers: Your customer service team are in direct connection to the customers they serve. They talk to them and see what they need or want. While customer surveys are good, simple probing questions from the employees can offer much more insight as to what the customer needs.

Without great customer service, a company will fail or fall behind on upcoming trends that shift with the season and economy. Having a well-trained customer service team can make your company shine with their ability to communicate directly to the customers. This can not only revolutionize your company’s reputation but grow and retain your customer base as well.




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