Key To Good Therapy Is Building Trust And Being Able To Maintain Said Trust!

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Key To Good Therapy Is Building Trust And Being Able To Maintain Said Trust!

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.Key to good therapy is building trust and being able to maintain said trust! .Psychotherapy .Anxiety/depression .Domestic abuse (support and guidance) .Anger management .family counselling .Child counselling .Trust-building exercises .Couples Therapy .Therapeutic activities (cooking, drawing etc) Experience: .Frontal lobe damage .Autistic adults and children .Grief .Alcohol abuse .Drug abuse .I have provided support and guidance in these areas and many more .I have over 10 years experience in the health care sector, supporting a number of individuals from all walks of life .I thrive on building a trusting relationship with my clients, it is a safe place and no judgement will made only guidance .Currently still expanding my knowledge in the psychological world (Child psychology with oxford) .Sessions tailored around the client .Flexible sessions times and days .can meet directly if an emergency arises .My therapy is person-centred .Each client is unique, therefore so is their therapy .Your perception of reality can be heard .There is no judgement here (all welcome) Feel free to contact me via Email: Find out more at Tel: 07599806477 Emergency line: 07805686446

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.I have personally overcome many of lifes struggles, it doesn’t who you are anyone is vulnerable to the battles of life. .There is always hope that we can do and be better take that first step to success and mental freedom that we all deserve, i know coming from a what society sees as a broken home or abusive household it can have ever lasting affects on ones mental well-being, but there is light at the end of that dreary tunnel seek guidance and support today! I know we are all experiencing a difficult time at the moment but you are not alone i am here to listen to your story and to explore the workings of your inner world! (it is also mental awareness month try something creative)


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