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The Lyons Tea Grand Piano

1925 Art Deco 6ft Strohmenger Grand Piano.

Strohnmenger once made pianos for classy hotels and transatlantic ships. The history of this piano is that it was bought in the 1970’s from the Lyons tea room in Piccadilli Circus due to shutting down their business there.

A stunning rebuilt Art Deco 1920’s Strohmenger sunburst veneered Grand piano with warmth, projection, presence, and a nice light to medium touch. An instrument the player can expend energy into without holding back. It has original and perfect ivory key tops, indicative of being kept in a kind, caring climate. High quality choice of materials and superior craftsmanship in the rebuild of this exquisite instrument. Excellent feel, singing line, lyricism and bright pleasant tone. Strong potent bass and resonant mid and high range. Ideal for all levels of player, from beginner to advanced.

History: The firm of John Strohmenger & Son was established in London in 1835. Although Strohmenger was not as large as firms like Broadwood or Collard & Collard, the firm was quite successful and enjoyed a superior reputation as one of England’s finer manufacturers during the 19th and early 20thCenturies.

After building pianos for over 100 years, Strohmenger was sold to the illustrious Chappel Piano Company of London in 1938. During the late 1930’s and early 1940’s Strohmenger specialized in building pianos in avant-garde period case designs like Art Deco and futuristic modern styles. These instruments were often made of exotic wood veneers and finishes, making Strohmenger pianos some of the most desirable Mid-Century Modern pianos in today’s market.

Strohmenger pianos are quite rare here in the United States and are more commonly encountered in European countries. The Strohmenger name continued to be built and sold under Chappel’s guidance until about 1960.

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