Naturopathic Medicine Counselling UK

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Naturopathic Medicine Counselling UK

Counselling and psychotherapy aims at raising your knowledge and self-awareness in maintaining balanced mental health hygiene.

Talking therapy is not just “talking about your problems” but rather a platform for you to learn the mental hygiene and self-care techniques. We offer various forms of psychotherapy for adults and children, couples and families. Additionally you might want to tailor method of work that is most suited for your needs: CBT, Person Centred, Dynamic Interpersonal, Spiritual Counselling, Islamic Counselling and Structural Family Counselling.

With AJS Therapy you can give yourself a chance for conscious and organic approach to wellness. We believes that you can feel empowered and in control of your wellness expressions in mind, body and soul with the right support and high self-awareness levels. AJS Therapy delivers workshop such as Islamic Counselling, A to Z of Homeopathy, Detoxification, Wisdom of Psycho-Somatic, Spiritual Parenting and Relationship Curse.



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