Qualitative Custom Built Website Development (Speed, Unique Design, SEO)

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Qualitative Custom Built Website Development (Speed, Unique Design, SEO)

Creating quality, exclusive, high-speed web pages. We consider quality, comfort and easy site administration as a key priority, so that the website helps your business and requires the least time for maintenance. For the solutions we create, we perform technical and partial internal SEO optimization, so your page will immediately be ready to rise to the first Google search positions-not only will you save on cost SEO services, but the website itself is optimized, as It is simply not possible to optimize a template page (especially when expecting a fast performance). Throughout the web-development process, we communicate with the customer, we do not have subcontractors, so we guarantee quick, easy communication, and at the same time guarantee that the tasks will be implemented exactly as you envision.

* Design – A unique responsive design guarantees that your websites throughout the internet, will be a one of a kind and your brand would be represented exactly the way you want to.

* Speed – Speed-up your website, it will be extremely fast on both computers and on mobile devices. It’s been proven that the volume of your web page that loads in 2 seconds is twice as high, compared to one that takes 4 seconds – you’ll have this advantage! Website speed is also a very important SEO factor.

* Quality – Quality websites are not only fast, but safe and easy to manage. This means that you can update information easily and quickly, and your Web pages will be free from viruses and other malicious software.

* SEO – Our web sites have technical and internal SEO’s. This means you will save costs for SEO optimization because the site doesn’t need to be redrawn. The results will be provided much quicker as the websites are going to be indexed and will start to emerge on Google search.

* Free hosting – We offer free hosting for all our clients.

* Unlimited data – You will not be limited to have a specific amount of pages or media stories on your webpage. Once set up, you can add as much information and pages as you want, by yourself!

Visit us now at https://meevly.com !

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