Tall Upright Walker

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Tall Upright Walker

And if you’re 6’4″ or more your options are extremely limited. In fact, in all my research I found only two Tall upright walker suitable for someone this tall. There was one walker that was not included here because it was unstable when used on uneven surfaces. That is why it is so hard to find an extra tall walker because the wheel base has to increase for safety and stability the higher the upright walker. If you’re over 6 feet tall then you’ve probably struggled to find a tall rollator walker that you can comfortably use. It sure is not easy to find a good mobility aid for tall person. When researching tall walkers for seniors we found that most common models do not extend enough for a tall person to use without having to hunch over. Others are simply too unstable when fully extended to use with confidence. Drive Medical make some of the slickest-looking and highest-rated rollators on the market. And their specialist entry into the tall walker category is no exception.

The UPWalker Is The Original Upright Walker, But Is It Still The Best? The original UPWalker is still the most stable of all the upright walkers on the market. And it’s available in 3 different sizes so it will fit almost anyone. However it is a bit expensive, too heavy for many seniors to lift, and is not well suited to small indoor spaces. Earning the title of “Most Sturdy” in our Best Upright Walkers article, the original UPWalker is still one of the best quality walkers on the market and earned a solid 4-star score here in our review. Unlike a lot of the cheaper models, it’s available in a variety of sizes so you should be able to fit one that is a perfect fit for you. However it’s quite a large unit so it’s best suited to bigger homes and outdoor use. And the weight, overall size, and price might put some people off. Excellent build quality and great design are let down by the UPWalkers weight and overall dimensions which make it difficult to manoeuvre in tight spaces. However the original UPWalker is still the best upright walker if stability and safety are your primary concern. Just don’t let the price scare you off!

For more info: https://walkerforseniors.com/tall-walkers/


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