The Unconventional Guide to Removals

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The Unconventional Guide to Removals

To some people, all removal companies are very much alike. Perhaps it’s because they hold a simplistic view of how the process of removals works? That firms merely turn up, load up the van and off they go, and all for a bargain price. But this isn’t the way it operates. Each removals company will perform in their fashion. They will have distinctive methods for logistical procedures involved in transporting heavy, bulky and fragile items. And some of those companies will act professionally and competently, while others will be sloppy and careless. Some will have a desire to maintain excellent standards of customer service, while others will dismiss the very notion of it. In this article, we will attempt to highlight some ways in which you can detect a good removal firm from a bad one. As they say in life, it’s the small things that count, and spotting an unscrupulous company is all in the details.

Worst contact

In the twenty-first century, it’s a commonplace for the first contact with any company to occur via a website. In terms of removals, if the site provides what the customer is looking for, they will call them. Now, if that company were reluctant to accept work, the person answering the phone would seem unenthused, terse and generally quite uncivil. What you have to be considerate of here is that person is the initial point of contact for that business. If they are content to be represented that way when a potential customer calls, it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the company. If you ever experience customer service like this, politely say goodbye and hang up the phone. A removal firm should be grateful to receive your custom.

But you haven’t even seen my belongings!

Another useful hint to whether a removal firm knows their stuff is to meet with a sales representative to receive a quote. Typically, a sales rep would have an initial consultation and provide an approximate price based on that meeting. They would then arrange an appointment to visit your property at a later date. Doing this would allow them to evaluate the job more accurately and then provide a more precise quote.
An unconventional removals firm would not do this. They likely would dangle a carrot in the form of a lower price based solely on a conversation. They may even then try to coerce you into signing a contract, without assessing the details of your move, and then hiking up the price later on. You should never, under any circumstances, hire any removal firm without them first undertaking a thorough evaluation of your job.

Don’t fall for the flat rate conspiracy

In removals, and in most industries where logistics are involved and ever-changing, a flat rate is not possible. Any removal firm that promises you a flat rate is acting firmly against convention. Several elements account for the overall cost of removals, including the number of items, the distance of travel, the access and general complexity of the move. An experienced removals firm that acts with integrity will make you aware of the different factors involved and provide a sliding estimate based on them. As long as communication is sound, this should be satisfactory for both parties.

Wear what you like

Not to decry any business that doesn’t have a uniform culture, but there are advantages to having workers in respectable attire. It can instil a greater pride, loyalty and job satisfaction in employees. It can also help your removal firm build and establish a brand identity, which is what all good removal firms’ desire, usually.

Now, a company that allows movers to dress how they see fit is less likely to forge a respected reputation. Someone wearing a pair of ripped jeans and platform trainers is more likely to induce heart palpitations in you when they handle your Victorian-era cuckoo clock.

Moving is stressful enough

Moving house is at the top of the list with marriages and deaths as the most stressful life events. Therefore, you need to do everything possible to ensure you hire a company that has your interests at heart, a company that will take time, care and dedication to deliver a smooth removal and transport of your treasured belongings.

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