Trio Classica Marina Inglesina

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Country United Kingdom

Trio Classica Marina Inglesina

Elegant, classic and typical trio, handmade manufacturing with top quality materials. La Classica is the sovereign of all strollers, with a peculiar icon.

This product is available for sale

My Price: 1300 USD including shipping fee.

The shape of the chair is super elegant, inspired by the antique strollers, it is a sign of distinction with a symbol of elegance and style.

Design under the rigorous standards of quality and manufacturing in an artisanal way, this stroller will be the ideal place for our son to rest, with great comfort.

The class is for parents who want a stroller to be able to admire.


– carrycot

– Matching Changing Bag

– seat

– Chassis

– Group 0

– Soft top

– Covers feet

Capazo properties:

Size: 81 x 37 x 22 cm.

Weight: 7.8 Kg.





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