Will Writer Opportunity

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Will Writer Opportunity

Portfolio Counselling Will Writing Services:
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1.You can work flexible hours
Not a morning person? It doesn’t matter when you’re the boss. As long as you can get the work done, you can sleep til midday and work through the evening instead if you wanted to. Having a flexible schedule is one of main reasons people aspire to become self- employed and is a key driver for many people to rid themselves of a typical 9-5.

2.You have creative control over how you work.
Being stuck with processes and procedures that you have to work to can be extremely frustrating, but when you are your own boss, you have complete control over how things are done, albeit under the direction of our carefully planned work pattern.

3.You get a greater sense of satisfaction
Working for somebody else can be disheartening when you feel like just another cog in the wheel, and that it doesn’t really matter how much effort you put in.

However, when it is your own business, you feel more motivated as you’re responsible for your own success. Every piece of work you do matters because you directly benefit from crossing jobs off your list.

4.You can wave goodbye to monotony
It’s easy to get bored when you’re in a typical 9-5 routine. Being your own boss allows you to be more creative with your working habits. A lot of self- employed people have a business where they can work any hours of the day from any location, and this is certainly appealing to most people.

5.You are in charge of your income
Perhaps the most exciting thing about being your own boss is that you can dictate how much you earn. The sky really is the limit when it comes to how much you want to make each month and you will be working via the holding Company of Portfolio Counselling Will Writing Services ( viz. EFCS Holdings Limited ) and may well benefit from tax efficient strategies that allow you to keep more of your hard earned cash.

Charisma and strong conversational skills
Above all else, this is a people business. Developing

rapport with people easily is one of the main keys to success. You’re going to need to invest a lot of energy into connecting with lots of different people, and we need people that can do it effectively
A desire to be successful
If this were easy, everyone would do it. If you love chasing the finish line, and are motivated by setting your sights on ever-increasing goals, this is for you
An entrepreneurial spirit
We want someone that possesses business savvy skills and can make smart decisions.
A “Can do, Will do” attitude
We want individuals willing to achieve their goals no matter the effort required. This is a role that requires a driven and motivated mind-set every day.
a) Locate suitable clients who need to have a Will “written” or whose wills need reviewing/updating, using your social media and networking skills.

b) To meet and to complete a ‘fact finding’ questionnaire. You then forward the ‘fact find’ as a pdf to “EFCS Holdings Limited” for the Will proposal/ recommendations to all take place as part of the EFCS ‘back office’ support. EFCS will then e-mail the client
( with a copy to yourself ) of the Will draft to study and to invite the client to respond with any queries. This is to ensure that the client understands fully the recommendation and literature that is provided and to enable ourselves together with yourself to complete the business.
Regular skype tele-conferences will be on offer so as to ensure that your own knowledge and income can grow as you proceed with this opportunity. find out more by following the link – http://portfoliocounsellingservices.com/




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