Buisness Marketing – Adwords Vs Local Directories

Adwords Vs Local Directories

When looking  to advertise your online business there are many options available to you: Free Local Directories, Facebook Advertising, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, PPC, all of whom will generate web traffic instantly.

If you are using  PPC you need to ensure that each PPC converts, otherwise you  are wasting your hard earned money to generate bad web traffic. Pay Per Click can be costly if you are not experienced enough in PPC campaigns.

Few marketing examples which would benefit a local business are: leaflet drops, advertising in local newspapers and/or Press Releases.

When it comes to marketing your business the best options to choose from are local directories, as well as leaflet drops, press releases,  and local newspapers, the reasons behind this are:

Local Directories.

Local directories choose relevant geographic location, as these target the local communities. When you are competing on keywords, local directories only promote local businesses, so you have a much better chance of getting leads and more sales. Lets say, for example, you live in Oxford and need a plumber.. would you hire a plumber from Manchester? Obviously not, you would hire a local Oxford plumber.

Local directories in general will push your ad to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn based on the directory capabilities.

Leaflet Drops

Leaflet drops help you keep fit & healthy while also getting the word out about your business, if you have the time to do it yourself.  Solopress offer  5000 quality leaflets printed for around 36 pounds which is very great value, although you should still shop around to find the best deals. We tend to use Solopress as this we find this Company offers us great value for money. We are not affiliated to this company,  we just use them because we get good customer service and value for your buck.

Local Newpapers

Your local newspaper is a great way to advertise your business if you are on a tight budget, this works out a lot cheaper than PPC advertising. Even the local free papers which people love are a great way to get your business in front of the local community.

Press Release

Press releases are a great way of keeping the local community updated on your business activities and promotions you have on offer. It’s best to use local press release websites and your local paper for these releases, as it keeps it geographical to the location of the business.

Pay Per Click

I am in no way saying Pay Per Click is bad, Pay Per Click can be really good, but you need thousands of pounds to make decent ads.

If you hire a professional company to set up your campaigns with decent keywords, the best keywords are already taken. All the major companies like Virgin and Sky and the major Airlines are using Adwords because they have the power and money to do this.


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