Amusing Things To Do During Lockdown

Even though you may be stuck inside your home due to the current lockdown, it doesn’t mean you can have fun or find new ways to amuse yourself. Many people have turned to online streaming, catching up housework, and even learning something new. While these are fantastic, there has got to be room for play and excitement.

Adding a little pizazz into your daily quarantine routine will help fight off some of that fever.

Spice Up Your Life with These Ideas to Make Your Lockdown Amusing and Entertaining

Stream a new TV series, a concert, or even an opera – The arts have proven to be a saving grace with this lockdown. Many artists like Pink, John Legend, and even Keith Urban are streaming their concerts live. Many indie artists are also playing their music, and apps like Youtube offer numerous cultural events like symphonies and operas to enjoy.

  • Take a digital museum tour – While not the same as a leisurely walk around the museum, many are offering free virtual tours. Many museums in the US, Seoul, Berlin, and even Florence have opened their doors digitally to people from around the world.
  • Can’t have friends over – That’s okay. Have a watch party so everyone can watch a new series or movie that has been synced together. That way, you all can chat, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company as much as possible.
  • Read something new – Look for an indie author instead of the latest bestseller and lose yourself in this new world.
  • Maybe it times to get your game on – For all the gamers out there, there are loads of games and even multiplayer games to help keep your time in lockdown fun and exciting. Challenge a stranger from the other side of the ocean to a deep dungeon hack or your world from aliens in the latest sci-fi game.
  • Be Alice and take a trip down the internet rabbit hole – At some point, we’ve all done this. Still, with sites like Wikipedia, Reddit, and even Youtube, you may find yourself learning new things, taking in a comedy skit, or listening to a song that you never heard before. You can also check out sites like Atlas Obscura, TEDTalks, Boredom Therapy, and others. Just like Alice, you’ll find yourself in a wonderland of curiosities.

While your amusing yourself and your family during this time, it also helps to check in on those friends and relatives outside your physical house. Take time for self-care and make sure your family is dealing well, considering the circumstances. Keep in touch with everyone you know to see how they are doing and even share some of your lockdown escapades with them. The lockdown won’t last forever, but it is essential to make sure you are doing alright. Mental health is crucial for you and your family. Stay strong, have fun, and try out some of these crazy ideas to expand your world.




By Robert Taylor


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