How A Bathroom Fittings Company Keeps Clients Happy: Great Customer Service

How A Bathroom Fittings Company Keeps Clients Happy

Business is tough, getting new clients is hard and now that the world is online competition is fierce. It use to be that the only competition to worry about was the shop at the other end of the high street. Nowadays competition can come from anywhere in the world and with just the click of a mouse.

A couple of days ago a colleague told me about a company called Pebble Grey and why it is that he is now a loyal fan of this bathroom fittings business. Pebble Grey is an online business that specialises in bathroom fittings, particularly bathroom mirrors. A few years ago, Rob bought himself a fancy infinity mirror from their online store. Here’s their current range of infinity mirrors which make a cool addition to any modern styled bathroom: Recently Rob moved house and when he installed his mirror one of the strips of LEDs no longer worked several months later. He contacted the company and without any fuss they sent out a complete new mirror unit. Guess who is a happy client now?

Pebble Grey had no obligation to look after their client in this way, the mirror was out of guarantee and failed after being installed several months later. By choosing to delight their customer they have created a life-long brand missionary. By taking a simple step they will probably sell many additional mirrors to other people who have never met Rob.

Great Customer Service Is Profitable!

People who are happy with a company, product or service are very likely to tell other people about their great customer service experience. When Pebble Grey sent out the replacement mirror to my colleague they had no way to know that he’d tell me about it. Even less could they expect that I’d be impressed enough to write about Pebble Grey’s great customer service attitude and share the story with thousands of other people. I’d be very surprised if the company don’t make extra sales because of people reading this short article.

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