Best Way To Travel – Airport Lounge Access

Best Way To Travel – Airport Lounge Access

If you have ever experienced a good flight, then you will sure be looking forward to repeating this stellar experience. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when the plane takes off the ground and you can feel that intense and pure freedom of leaving all you worries behind.

Nonetheless, one of the worries that you may feel you leave behind is the stress of waiting in an airport chair which is in most of the cases less than ideal for your tired back or your growing impatience to arrive at your destination. Therefore, what is to be done in such a situation? Well, the answer is simpler than you may think in the first place – buying an access pass to the airport’s lounge, in case the airport you are in has one and most of them do.

Food And Drinks

How does a place with Wi-Fi, snacks, all sorts of beverages and, of course, incredibly comfortable chairs sound to you? I am sure that everyone is looking for a completely positive airport experience and in case you are travelling often, having access to the airport’s lounge is definitely something you should try.

As a consequence, how do you obtain access to the lounge spaces of an airport? Firstly, you have to make sure that the airport of your choice has a zone dedicated to lounging. After that, you have to verify if the airline you fly with offers access to a lounge zone.

We have prepared information about three of the main airlines available worldwide: Emirates Skywards, British Airways and Qatar Airways.

Emirates Skywards offers great services when it comes to lounge zones whether they are on the ground or during the flights. Therefore, if you are a First Class or Business Class traveller or if you are the proud possessor of an Emirates Skywards Platinum or Gold membership, then you are more the welcome to use their lounge zones. Think about it: you will no longer have to wait in uncomfortable and crowded zones inside the airports while waiting for the plane you are going to fly with. Join For Free Here (Skywards)

You will be free to enjoy the lounge services in the following destinations: Auckland, Bangkok, Beijing, Birmingham, Brisbane, Colombo, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, London Gatwick, Munich, New York John F. Kennedy, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Perth, Rome, San Francisco, Delhi, Dubai, Dusseldof, Frankfurt, London Heathrow, Manchester, Melbourne, Milan, Shanghai, Sydney and Zurich. For a certain fee, you are free to use the benefits of your airline’s lounge zone.

British Airways has over 60 dedicated lounge spaces for departures and 90 additional partner lounges which stay at your disposition if you are a member of British Airways’ First, Club World or Club Europe, if you own a Silver or Gold member of the British Airways Executive Club or if you have an Emerald or Sapphire membership of a oneworld airline frequent flyer programmes. Join Here For Free British Airways (Oneworld)

Qatar Airways offer Premium Lounge access to their lounges so that you will be able to have an incredible travelling experience at their 5-star lounge zones. Join For Free Here – Privilege Club

To conclude, buying access to a lounge access zone is the right choice if you are travelling often and if you want to have a pleasurable travelling experience. Go on, you are going to thank for for choosing this!

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