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Social Care Oxfordshire

As your parents grow older, it may become challenging to assist them in their daily lives. Whether it’s physical ailments or diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, you want the best care and help for your loved ones. There are … Read the full classified

Amusing Things To Do During Lockdown

Even though you may be stuck inside your home due to the current lockdown, it doesn’t mean you can have fun or find new ways to amuse yourself. Many people have turned to online streaming, catching up housework, and even … Read the full classified

Place Free Ads Online

When it comes to getting free ad space, the prospects can be challenging. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Where can I place free ads online,” you wouldn’t be the first or last to do so. One of the best places … Read the full classified

Oxford – Songwriting Lessions – Live Performances & Recording

Muzo Akademy

What We Do

We make the best things to learn, the most fun to learn. We use innovative learning techniques to help you or your child become the musician you`d like to be. As well as learning music, … Read the full classified

Choosing The Right Energy Supplier

Look After Your Bills

Sometimes, energy costs can get to high. At one time or another, you may find yourself staring down at a bill and wondering why it’s so high. After a few times, you’re probably starting to look … Read the full classified

An Oxfordshire 12 Events of Christmas

An Oxfordshire 12 Events of Christmas

Christmas is a magical and fun time of the year in Oxford. It’s a perfect time to head out to a venue or stroll the streets as music and festive lights bring a … Read the full classified

Free Advice – Parking Tickets – Pay & Display

Parking Tickets – Pay & Display

Recently I had an appointment at the doctor’s surgery to have some important tests done. We used the pay and display to get our parking ticket it was clearly displayed on the car windscreen.… Read the full classified

Homeless Forced To Take Respite In Covered Market Entrance

Homeless Forced To Take Respite In Covered Market Entrance

Whilst out on our special ‘date night’ we encountered something that really made us think about what is happening in this country.

We were heading into town to see a comedy … Read the full classified

Mitigating Homelessness In Oxford Society

Homelessness In Oxford Society

Oxford is home to the famous Oxford University; one of the leading university cities across the globe. It’s so popular that many parents dream of sending their children there. People always speak of great leaders that … Read the full classified

How Will Brexit Affect Businesses in Oxford?

Will Brexit Affect Businesses in Oxford?

When the Brexit referendum took place in Oxfordshire on June 23rd, 2016, the county’s 70% of voting residents chose Brexit. Since that time there’s been a huge amount of debate, misinformation, fear mongering and … Read the full classified