Dust Free Floor Sanding Services

Dust Free Floor Sanding Services

Wood floors have more going for them than just tradition. They have retained their popularity over the centuries primarily because of their beauty and elegance. That natural look and feel that they bring on board adds to the aesthetic appeal of the establishment. It’s not a surprise that properties that have them installed are snatched up from the market faster than other type of flooring.

There are also many colours, designs, wood stains, and species available to choose from, addressing diverse and unique installation needs. They are also easy to clean, since they do not accumulate loads of dust, debris and grime. Regular vacuuming and mopping will keep the surface dry and dirt-free. Without grout lines, fibres or embossing to trap pollen, dust, pet dander and other allergens, the wood floor contributes to maintaining healthy indoor air quality. When properly installed, you get better acoustics, since you won’t have issues like hollow sounds and vibrations. This also leads to the reduction of noise levels in the establishment.

The structure of the wood floor enables it to have high strength and durability. It easily stands up to the busy workplace, heavy foot traffic, and the drops and knocks of everyday life. While other floors would have began looking tired and worn out, the hardwood flooring will still have its charm and appeal. To keep it elegant, maintenance is required. This entails cleaning it regularly to get rid of the dirt and grime that settles on the surface, and when the finish begins to wear down, getting the floor sanded and refinished.

Value Of Professional Floor Sanding And Restoration Services

In order to deliver quality results in minimal time, we have made huge investments in modernised and high-capacity floor sanding machinery. They easily sand away the existing layers of finish that are on the surface of the floor, and give the underlying wood structure a fresh new beginning. The surface is also smoothened, to allow for uniform application of the wood floor treatment products. Even the pores are opened up, that way substances such as as the wood stains and sealants will be able to bond strongly with the floor. On top of it, dustless floor sanding systems are employed. This is not just the units that come with dust bags and are common with DIY projects..

Those have limited capacity. Our team uses vacuum systems that are attached to the sanders through a system of hoses that connects them to containment units that are outside the property. This means the dust is sucked right of the floor the moment it is generated, and directed off the premises, hence you won’t have to worry about the indoor environment having particles hanging in the air, or your furnishings, electronics, or plumbing systems getting ruined by the dust. Running this equipment is a team of qualified professionals, who have been doing for years. Their skills and experience in handling floor care jobs enables them to get the task done in moments, while simultaneously meeting the desired quality of results.

Dust Free Floor Sanding




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