Dutty Moonshine Big Band City Of Sin 2020 Tour

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City Of Sin 2020 Tour

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City Of Sin Tour Dates

City Of Sin Tour Dates


When it comes to music there’s nothing new in the world and listening to the radio or Spotify – or even when it comes to live music it’s all to easy to think that’s the case. But the Dutty Moonshine Big Band with their exciting fusion of big band swing, jazz, and hip-hop prove every night that there can be something new and different in music.

There’s probably not too many swing enthusiasts who enjoy Hip Hop and not so many Hip Hop fans will be found at swing gigs but anyone at a Dutty Moonshine gig gets to experience the impossible happening every night!

Dutty Moonshine is the brainchild of a brace of long-established musicians and DJs – Michael Rack aka Dutty Moonshine, . Michael Rack is a long-time fan of swing era music and has successfully blended those big band sounds with even bigger basslines.

Because of the band’s genre busting style it is hard to categorise their sounds, and that might be how they like it, but there’s no doubting the fun of the sound and the expertise of the musicianship.

Just a part of the band’s roster here:
Dutty Moonshine – Band Leader/producer

  • DJ Binge – DJ/Producer
  • Maria Laveau – Vocals
  • Hypeman Sage – Vocals
  • Martin Badder – Keys/Synth
  • Chessi Guest – Harp
  • Temple Funk Collective – Brass & Drums
  • Howla – Guitar/Producer

Check out these two tracks to get an idea of the Dutty Moonshine range:
Jazz and blues hits up to dance and EDM.

Smokey Blues: https://soundcloud.com/duttymoonshine/10-dutty-moonshine-big-band-smokey-blues-lyric-video-in-description

Most Wanted (Sketi Remix): https://soundcloud.com/duttymoonshine/dutty-moonshine-big-band-most-wanted-sketi-rmx

For the past few years the Dutty Moonshine Big Band has been a main stage fixture on the festival scene with appearances at Glastonbury, BoomTown Fair, Womad and a load of others across the UK.

The cost of taking 14 or 15 people on long distance flights is slowing down their international presence but Michael Rack has said that they plan to take the band international during 2020. In November 2019 they were signed by Universal Music Publishing, so they are making their presence in the music industry known!
This Is Why You Want to Join the Band!

The Dutty Moonshine Big Band sound is great on your HiFi or headphones, but they really come to life at live events. Nothing else captures the fun, the energy, and the danceable bass beats like their live shows. There’s something about a 14-piece band who know exactly what they are doing and the interplay between the audience, the venue, and the band on stage.

Oxford is home to these guys, but you’d not know it from their touring schedule! They are in Oxford again on 10th April 2020, at O2, with their mammoth album tour, so take the chance to get down and see them live. It’ll be the start of something great!


If you can’t get to a gig I the near future or you want to find out just what the band is all about check out their YouTube channel HERE You can hear tracks from their upcoming album, see gig videos and promos. Really, take the time, you will not regret it!


Facebook – www.facebook.com/duttymoonshine/
Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/duttymoonshine
Twitter – https://twitter.com/DuttyMoonshine

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