Dutty Moonshine Big Band’s Newest Album Is Out Now!

Exciting news has just surfaced from the ground floor of the UK music scene:

Dutty Moonshine Big Band has released the long anticipated City Of Sin album!
By merging 14-pieces together with a unique fusion of Jazz and heavy UK bass,
the album is a notable contender to break into the Top 40.

City Of Sin: What You Need To Know

The album features a mesmerizing blend of drums, vocalists, digital hardware,
keys, and brass to create a truly immersive experience. Inspired by a longstanding appreciation for classical music, the City Of Sin album creates an
exciting narrative that transcends time. Known to create venue-packing
masterpieces that challenge the status-quo of traditional music, Dutty Moonshine
Big Band is moving at full throttle to redefine what it means to throw a banger.

With an incredible track set that includes ‘Big Band Fam’, ‘Tommy & Loretta’,
‘Fiança’, ‘The Arrest’, and ‘Locked Up’, you’ll be amazed with the astonishing
vocals and provocative soundscapes that are encapsulated within the album.

Dutty Moonshine Big Band: A History Of Originality

Started by Michael Rack, a world-renown DJ who has toured across 4
continents, Dutty Moonshine Big Band began as an experiment to merge big UK
bass with the 1930’s. With sold out shows across the country, the band has
established themselves as a powerhouse of originality and sheer-imagination,
amassing a huge following with international appeal.

The band proudly takes its fans and listeners into unforgettable places through
encapsulating melodies. Through the City Of Sin album, they have yet again
outdone themselves with a shocking blend of never-before-heard classics that
are are written to amaze!

How You Can Support The Band

Be sure to get your copy of the City Of Sin album before June 4th! By doing so,
you will support Dutty Moonshine Big Band, helping them break into the Top 40.
Every pre-order and stream helps launch the band onto the coveted charts!

The album is available now on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and
Amazon Music. Also be sure to check out their merchandise page  for exclusive
access to unique products that showcase your support. For all of you cassette,
CD, and double vinyl aficionados out there, you can get your physical copy of the
album directly on the Dutty Moonshine Big Band Facebook product page.

If you have pictures of yourself with the new album, feedback, or testimonials, be
sure to share on social media! Your feedback is highly encouraged and will help
Dutty Moonshine Big Band get the final push they need to secure their spot on
the charts.

Brace yourself for an incredible music experience. The City Of Sin album will take
you to places you’ve never dreamed of going!


Robert Taylor


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