How Can You Grow Your Business With OxfordLocals?

Real people use Oxford Locals to find out what is going on in the Oxfordshire area. The very fact that you are reading this article demonstrates that works. If you’re running your own business, managing some kind of organisation that interacts with the public or other businesses and you work in the Oxford area then there’s probably several good reasons why you should have a free (or paid) listing in our directory.

As a business owner or manager, you already know that whether your business is well established or a start-up running your business is hard work, that you need to be dedicated and that, with a limited budget, you need to make smart business decisions.

That makes taking advantage of free advertising opportunities one of those rare, but very welcome, easy choices!

Here’s the thing, you may already have a web site or blog to promote your business and, if things go well, you are getting decent traffic to the site but getting the exposure that your business needs is tough, unless you have a huge Internet Marketing budget.

OxfordLocals helps you to increase the reach of your current online marketing efforts by giving your business and its website an additional ‘shop window’, a shop window where, every day, thousands of visitors are dropping by as a result of searches on Google and Bing as well as increasing number of people who regularly visit the Oxford Locals pages in order to see what’s happening in their neighbourhood, to track down a local supplier of whatever they need, or to share experiences on our forums.

How Can You Use Oxford Locals to Support Your Local Business?

The online world is hugely competitive and unless you use directories such as you are, quite literally, giving money to your competitors whose businesses are being promoted here! Of course, your listing on our business directory is not the same as your own website but you can quickly and easily share with potential clients and others the most important information that will help them to choose to do business with you.

Here’s what you can share in your OxfordLocals listing:

Your business type

The products and services that you offer

  • Special offers and limited events
  • Reasons to choose your business over others
  • Contact info; including business address, website, email address, phone numbers etc.
  • Your location can be shown on a map
  • Opening times

Because OxfordLocals is a classified business directory you can choose the most appropriate category for your business and be easily seen by anyone looking for your kind of business. You won’t be cold calling your prospects through OxfordLocals, they will be contacting you!
People Trust What They See (Often)!

People tend to buy from businesses that they are familiar with. That doesn’t mean that they will only buy from a business that they have dealt with before but rather that people tend to buy from businesses whose name and other information they have seen several times in the past.

This is a part of the marketing process called brand building.

If you want to build sales to your business you need to get your business or product names and other information in front of buyers at least several times. Listing your business in OxfordLocals is a free way to get additional exposure to your brand. As people become more familiar with your brand they will find it easier to buy from you. Oxford locals lets you add images (logos, photographs, product images) to your listing. Take advantage of this free benefit so that people feel a greater connection to your business and to encourage people to contact you as a result of recognising your brand.

Recognition will quickly turn into a degree of trust which will help you to build a loyal customer base.

What Should I Do Right Now to Improve my Business Marketing?,h3>
That’s an easy question to answer!

Take a look at the OxfordLocals business network pages at See which of their top-level categories is the best match for your business. There may be lower level categories as well. Pick the best match. It is possible that you might be the first business in any given category – that’s a bonus for you because that means that the OxfordLocals team will be working hard to promote your business alone in that niche, you will not be competing with other local businesses!

Next create a free account by clicking on the big orange button on the home page. Once you have done that and selected your business category it is time to start telling the world just who you are, what you are, where you can be found and just why it is that people should choose your business.

Of course, using is not the only thing that you should do to promote your business but it is an important opportunity to make a difference to your business success by enhancing your brand and telling all of Oxford about what you do and all at no cost to you – Now that’s got to be some of the best value around in sales and marketing in Oxford! Click Here to start your OxfordLocals business network advertising.




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