Homeless Forced To Take Respite In Covered Market Entrance

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Homeless Forced To Take Respite In Covered Market Entrance

Whilst out on our special ‘date night’ we encountered something that really made us think about what is happening in this country.

We were heading into town to see a comedy show at the Playhouse Theatre called Enron. Proceedings kicked off in All Bar One on the High Street, opposite and entrance to the covered market, to have some pre-drinks and a few nibbles.

We were sitting in windows seats at the front of bar, when, within around 20 minutes, my wife noticed 2 middle-aged people, male and female going into the entrance of the covered market with a few blankets and an umbrella to shield them from the extreme cold.

We felt really guilt. that we were sitting in a warm bar with food and drink and these two people had nothing to their name.

I went over to see if they were ok,  and gave them money to get some food and warm drinks and spent a while talking to them. Their circumstances were dire, but I had no way to help them apart from providing kind words and the wherewithall to purchase sustenance for one night.

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What really annoys me is, the government can spend millions bombing other countries, wasting money on other issues such as Brexit and MP’s expenses, yet they cannot do anything for these vulnerable people!

Please help support homeless Oxford

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