Oak Garages with Room Above Accommodation

Oak Garages With Room Above Accommodation

At the Classic Barn Company, their secret is in their detail. When it comes to oak garages with room above accommodations in Oxfordshire, these are built for life. For those who find their oak garages timeless as well as beautifully crafted, they will find that The Classic Barn Company can design a well-engineered frame with habitable space above. Each detailed outbuilding can be built for various uses for the room above. With their award-winning designs, they can reflect the beauty and tradition that you see throughout every oak garage they make.

Finished Classic Outbuilding Interior

Finished Classic Outbuilding Interior

As a hard-working family-owned business, The Classic Barn Company has a reputation for its strict attention to detail. Their work and business is not only an established mainstay but can be found throughout the United Kingdom. Each oak frame is installed with careful precision by a team of expert craftsmen. Each of their client’s projects is maintained to the highest quality standards and finished on time.


oak framed room above garage

oak framed room above garage

Their services involve:

  • Planning and Design: Everything is carefully designed to be flexible for your oak garage. They offer a new selection of extrawide range of barns, which have more width to each bay. For something more unique, speak to them about their custom service.
  • Ground & Roof: The engineer at the Classic Barn Company assesses the land and soil before the foundations can be laid and to comply with regulations and prevent any fitting problems when your oak frame arrives. The skilled ground workers will also ensure you have the desired finish for your oak garage.
  • Doors & Gates: Each door and gate is custom made to order from a select quality of hardwoods. Each is reinforced for stability and sealed twice for added protection and longevity. Every door and gate that’s produced is superior and more robust than the lesser alternatives.
  • Room Above Accommodation: Each oak garage with room above accommodation is built with its longevity in mind. With superior insulation and ventilation, detail in the timber and overall design, these buildings will stand the test of time with their quality and beauty. Each is designed and built to the highest standard. The room above accommodation can accommodate full height balconies and grand interior trusses along with their other standard designs.

The Classic Barn Company offers timeless and award-winning designs for oak garages with room above accommodation. With their reputation and attention to the smallest detail, your oak garage will genuinely be a masterpiece. With custom services, professional workers and designers, your next oak garage will be a step above the others and with room above accommodation, the extra space can increase the value of your property and the natural beauty that comes with a Classic Barn Company oak garage.

Feel free to contact us and request a brochure detailing our services. Our consultants are ready to discuss your ideas and the range of options we have available to you. Click here to Request a Brochure

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