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Muzo Akademy

What We Do

We make the best things to learn, the most fun to learn. We use innovative learning techniques to help you or your child become the musician you`d like to be. As well as learning music, our students learn the vital life skills in an environment which is safe, creative and fun.

We have a long and rich history of providing high quality educational, community and therapeutic services to the community through our unique music programmes.


Will you or your child benefit from being in a band? Absolutely! Being in a band helps you learn to creatively solve problems and work with other people face to face in real time. The skills you develop are transferable life skills such as goal setting and achieving but most importantly, it`s fun and rewarding.


We provide lessions in drums,bass,guitar,keyboardsand the ukulele. The lessions are individually tailored to suit individuals wants and needs, however we do offer grade tuition for those that feel they would benefit from it




Tel: 07773 939926

Cowley Shopping Centre – Muzo Akademy Charity Shop


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