Oxford UK Is A Beautiful Cultural Place To Visit

Oxford UK Is A Beautiful Cultural Place To Visit

Oxford in the UK is a place filled with beautiful surrounding countryside with lots of culture and places to see.

The University of Oxford is located here and is considered one of the top universities in the world. It has been around since the eighth century. This intellectual hub located only 50 miles from London and can be reached by train in just one hour.

Although a traditional elite college town the city is also filled with modern places to enjoy. Lots of traditional pubs are available but there are also lots of new music venues and restaurants to enjoy also.

The best way to get around this city is to use a bicycle because driving and parking a car can be hard. The old one way streets and expensive parking make riding a bike or walking the best way to see the sites.

Be sure to check the famous Christ Church College where the famed Harry Potter series was filmed. This is one of the many colleges that are a part of Oxford University system. There are lots of university parks to enjoy right on the campus. The best way to see the university is to schedule a walking and cycling tour.

There are plenty of hotels and accommodations to choose from in Oxford and the prices range from 70-230 pounds. Check out Keble College which is located on the grounds of the University. This offers lots of English comfort food and is within walking distance to many beautiful university parks and also a museum.

Another sight not to miss out on is the Hawkwell Hotel in the peaceful village of Iffley which is part of Oxford. Located only 2 miles from Oxford this historic country place house has seventy rooms for rent. The beautiful grounds of the Hawkwell Hotel offers a great place to hold a wedding. This house is also walking distance to many nice pubs to enjoy while you’re staying here. Rooms are very affordable at just 70 pounds a night. This is a great place to stay which is very close to town and there is a very old church to explore in this part of Oxford.

A hotel on the higher end is the Macdonald Randolph Hotel. One of the features of this hotel are the 4-poster beds available. This top rated hotel has an elegant atmosphere and has had some famous people stay here. This Hotel offers a famous bar to check out made famous by Inspector Morse. Sounds like a great place to run into some famous people!

Another site to check out in Oxford is the Statue of Mercury located on the grounds of Oxford University. This famous statue is located on some beautiful grounds that is referred to as a quad. A quad is a courtyard area that is surrounded on four sides by buildings. The area is located near the famous Christ Church college . This quad is one of the biggest of its kind and there are beautiful views of Oxford University. The beautiful grounds along with the ancient architecture provides a stunning view. There is a beautiful fountain and pond that surrounds this historic statue.

The “Head Of River” is a unique part of Oxford. This historic place sits right on the river Thames and is a popular hangout in the summertime. The Head of River has a traditional pub along with rooms that are available to stay. This would make a great place to stay in Oxford offering a “not very far to walk home to” after an evening at a traditional pub. The Ashmolean Art museum is less than a mile away. The room rates are very affordable at 100 pounds. Sit out on the balcony overlooking the river or walk into the city which is only minutes away. The train station is less than a mile away.

Oxford has some great pubs to check out. The “Kings Arms Pub” is the main student pub and has been in the exact location since the 1600s. The pub offers lots of hearty food for the hungry. It includes the traditional fish & chips fare. The pub is also known for its unique bar snacks and they also have televised sporting events available. Sometimes you can find the best food at pubs.

Check out this unique restaurant called the Cherwell Boathouse. This place is right on the Cherwell river and you can event rent small boats called punts there. It also is known to have a great pub inside. This restaurant really is in a houseboat. Another restaurant to check out is the Turf Street Kitchens located near the central city which is known for its great local seasonal food.

Oxford has more entertainment than just the classic British Pub. There is all kinds of music because of Oxford being a college town. A lot of the music is oriented to the younger crowd. “The Bridge” is one of the biggest nightclub spots in Oxford and offers lively music and . The “Purple Turtle” is a famous underground nightclub that offers bands and a dance floor.

Oxford offers lots of unique places to see. There are numerous museums and just walking and taking in the city from one turn of the narrow streets to the next can offer some great surprises. You don’t have to walk or ride a bike everywhere either. There is the “Hop- On Hop- Off” bus guided tour of Oxford. It can be accessed from the train station and your bus ticket is good for 24 hours.






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