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Car Services in Oxford

Whether you’re trying to sell or buy a car, or most importantly, get your vehicle serviced is essential in allowing you to get to and from where you need to be. Proper upkeep of your vehicle will help keep costs downs and help you keep your car longer, which can also save you money on car payments with significant interest rates. The biggest question you may ask is, where do I go to get my car serviced? It depends on whether or not your vehicle is considered a vintage classic or a more modern-day vehicle.

Timeless and Classic

Classic cars have a throwback appeal from simpler times. While they were part of a bygone era, the materials used were considered better, and their designs are timeless and captivating. Many garage services Oxford specialize in working on vintage cars. Here are a few that may help narrow down your search to keep your classic beauty in top shape.

Classic Car Services

  • Classic Car ServicesOxford & Vincent Mph Sports Cars – This garage covers a variety of pre-electronic vehicles. Whether it’s an Austin Healey 3000, Big Healey, Lotus Elite Mk14 Elan, or a Morgan 4/4, this garage is here to service you.
  • Bicester Sports Cars – Not only does the garage sell beautiful classics, but they’re also a full-service shop with engine tune-ups. They offer an astounding warranty along with engine compression check and borescopes.
  • The Motor Shed Ltd. – If you’re looking to buy a classic car or if yours needs light servicing, then this garage is the place to go. With vintage car sales and light repairs services, these guys give practical advice on maintenance.

Modern Cars

For the everyday person who needs a reliable car to get around, then this part is for you. Not everyone wants to drive a classic, but keeping your vehicle roadworthy and dependable can take a lot of work you may not have time for. If your car needs servicing, check these garages out.

Modern Car Services

  • East Oxford Garage – This place is a local and independent garage in Oxford. Their service is fantastic, and the employees are always polite. They are known for selling only what you need and only do the necessary work. Their technicians are experienced and are quick to identify and fix issues.
  • Lodge Hill Garage – While offering new and used cars for sale, they are also equipped as a full-service repair facility. They are open seven days a week and use their extensive knowledge to elevate their customer service.
  • Wheatley Car Centre – As a full-service deal and garage, they offer many types of services to meet your needs. Their service is friendly and professional, and they are well-equipped to repair and service all makes and models.

Whether you have a classic car or a typical everyday car, getting it serviced and kept in top shape is a must for your vehicle’s long life. Finding the right garage is easy when you use Oxfordlocals motors. It provides a one-stop directory for all your car maintenance needs. If you are looking buy car Oxford, then this directory will also show you the latest deals from sellers in your area. Do you need to sell your car? Try using Oxfordlocals. It’s easy and makes your vehicle appear in more local searches for those in need of a car.


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