Paying For Items & Services


Money is regularly the most secure alternative. It’s commonly acknowledged by everybody and is extremely difficult to counterfeit convincingly. In any case, it’s certainly feasible. In case you’re tolerating money, particularly for an enormous buy, ensure you realize how to perceive fake cash.

Conveying money as a purchaser can have its own dangers and be less advantageous. Think about the circumstance and choose what’s best for you.


Cheques can be more advantageous than money, yet they can bob. On the off chance that you need a cheque, the most secure alternative is to request an affirmed cheque and go to the manage an account with them to money it before the thing is given up.


At the point when utilized carefully, PayPal is an extraordinary instrument for sending and accepting cash on the web. While tolerating a PayPal installment, in every case twofold watch that the installment has really been kept into your record. PayPal installment affirmation messages can be faked, so make a point to browse freely of the email (without utilizing any connections). In the event that the installment affirmation email asserts the installment won’t show up in your record under any conditions, contact PayPal (straightforwardly through their site, not the email) before continuing.

PayPal has a few assurances set up to support the two purchasers and dealers, however these insurances don’t stretch out to all PayPal exchanges. We don’t prescribe utilizing PayPal’s Friends and Family installment choice, as this avoids their inward security and doesn’t offer insurance.

In case you’re ever not secure with a PayPal move, you can contact PayPal straightforwardly for help checking it. Become familiar with counterfeit PayPal messages.

Cash Wiring Services, for example, Western Union/MoneyGram

We don’t prescribe utilizing direct cash moves administrations, for example, Western Union or MoneyGram. Electronic exchanges are difficult to check since installment affirmation messages can be faked by fraudsters. Should the arrangement fall however, or on the off chance that it ends up being trick, they offer no assurance. On the off chance that you choose to acknowledge instalment through one of these techniques, don’t give them the thing until you’ve had the option to affirm with 100% assurance that the assets are in your record.

Note: If any purchaser sends you an electronic exchange and afterward solicits you to move some from the assets elsewhere – particularly in the event that they require the assets to be moved before you really get the cash – don’t do it. This is likely a SMS trick. On the off chance that you experience any solicitations like this, kindly report it to our client service group.

Bank Transfers

Like cash wiring administrations, bank moves may seem to offer a protected method to move cash between a purchaser and merchant. Be that as it may, when you have sent subsidizes they are very quickly moved into the record of the beneficiary. In the event that an arrangement was to fail to work out, or you were discontent with the thing you had paid for, your cash isn’t secured. Moves offer hardly any alternatives for a discount past the cooperative attitude of the vender. We generally encourage alert when moving cash by bank. We suggest that you are totally happy with the thing before focusing on the exchange.


FRAUD WARNING Beware when making payments via Bank Transfer. These payments are usually non-refundable and in the event of a dispute you will not be able to reclaim your money. Ensure you know exactly who you are paying before sending money. For the safest experience either use your local dealer, a credit card or pay cash on collection.