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People who post free classified ads online in Oxfordshire are doing more than just trying to sell their old fridge freezer or car, they are telling their neighbours and fellow Oxfordians something of how the world is working. We all buy products and services and Classified advertisers are sharing their news with the world and the world is interested in what they are saying!

Classified ads are more popular than the news. Well, that was always the claim of the bosses at the local paper I used to work on a few years ago and everything I saw back then told me that this was true.

That was before the Internet cast its shadow over printed newspapers but, while local newspapers are a shadow of their former selves, classified advertising is as huge today as it ever was – perhaps even more important for readers. These days though, classifieds are not so much in newspapers, but online. People will always want to buy goods and services so classified ads, especially free classifieds, are always going to be popular.

People are very keen to read through classified ads just to see what’s there. Along the way their eyes might fall upon some bargain or other, perhaps that old wrought iron bed frame that your husband hated but will look just perfect in my spare bedroom. Perhaps you might read about my wife’s sport massage service and give her call about curing the back pain that’s been nagging you and throwing out your golf swing.

The World is to be Seen on the Classified Pages!

But if classified ads are so great why do the OxfordLocals staff give them away for free? Well that’s down to the second secret of classified ads!
Readers come for the classifieds and then stay for the other stuff – the listings of events, the business listings and exclusive offers – Oxfordlocals always has special offers for its readers.

How to Use OxfordLocals Free Classifieds?

With our classifieds, there’s two sides to the coin, advertisers and readers – but very often the keenest advertisers are the keenest readers and vice versa. As you are reading this article you are already in the right place to start looking for things to buy or things to do; perhaps you have an old fridge or TV sitting in the garage that you could turn into cash?

As a reader, you can either search for what you are looking for in the appropriate classification, or you can do a search across the entire site using the search box at the top of each page, for example, if you type ‘chandelier’ into the box marked ‘What are you looking for?’ every ad that mentions chandeliers will be listed for you.

Post Your Free Ads Here

To browse through a category just select a category from the drop-down list at the top of each page, give it a go, you might get a great surprise!

Sellers Start Here

If you have something to sell, whether it is goods or services you can get started by clicking the big orange button at the top of each page marked “Post Free Ad”, follow the instructions and you will be well on the way to contacting tens of thousands of local people, some of whom are bound to be interested in your offer!, or, you can start by clicking here:- 

When you write your free classified ad take care to write and interesting description that people will want to read and will help them to choose to take advantage of your products or services. If possible include an excellent quality picture of whatever it is that you are selling – pictures really are worth a thousand words! Make sure that you choose the most appropriate category for your offer. If you are not quite sure which is the best category have a look to see which category other people have chosen for similar offers.

Are You Ready To Post Your Free Ad

See What is Going on in Your Community

Oxfordlocals is much more than just classified ads, fun though they might be! When you have placed your free classified ads you might want to check out some of the latest news on the blog, see what events are upcoming, read about local attractions or learn of the special offers that the OxfordlLocals team arrange for their readers. If you have something to get off your chest there’s the network forums where you get to have your say on local matters. No matter what else you do while you are on the OxfordLocals site, the beating heart of the site is the free classified ads section for all Oxfordshire people and businesses because everyone wants to buy (and sell) local products and services.

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