Review Drayton Manor Theme Park

We decided to treat our selfs to a day out at Drayton Manor Theme Park on 01/06/2021, after being in lockdown for a year  we just needed to get out.

Is Drayton Manor Covid Ready

Yes and no, it appeared that the general public did not really care and the 2 metre rule was not observed. Most people were not wearing face mask, coverings, for some reason the this felt a bit un easy to me and my wife.

Ride Time


Waited one  hour for a 40 second ride.  People were pretty close together while waiting to get onto the ride and most not wearing face coverings. it seem a bit uneasy, and i was pretty glad to get out, it was like sardines in a can, i was shocked that Drayton Manor did not have two cars going. With the park being so busy, it would have been wise to have two cars running, this would have reduced the waiting time down to thirty minutes.

Apocalypse Ride

This ride was a one hour wait, only two cars in service, stand up and sitting down, after a one hour wait i needed to sit down, to be fair, not the best experience i have at a Drayton, it seems the park is more about profit than people.

Maelstrom  Ride

Maelstrom is a stomach-churning, head-turning gyro swing that will have thrillseekers on the edge of their seats. the wait time for this was not all that bad, half hour to get on.

In Summary

We paid 55 pounds plus six pounds for parking, few hours travelling.  I would say no, to get on four rides in a jammed pack theme park was not fun.  It would have been cheaper to go sky diving and get a real buzz, maybe when the schools go back the park will be less busy and easy to get on the rides and  you should get your moneys worth.

My advice would be to do the park when the schools go back and Covid restrictions eases.

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