Shadazzle The Real Review

Overview Shadazzle Cleaner Polish

Having seen this product promoted on ideal world, I thought i give this product a try, I am always very sceptical about reviews on TV which claim to work, but when you get the product, it fails t impress.

The product can be messy to use, so ensure you have a wet cloth and dry cloth to wipe down the surfaces after you have applied Shadazzle.

Oven Cleaning

We first  tried Shadazzle on the oven door as this is where the grime really builds up.  On the idealworld TV review, the doors must have had stuff spilt on them prior to using Shadazzle as the review on TV seem to clean it off very quickly.

On our oven, this did not work, scrubbed wiped and still we have marks all over the oven. In my own opinion NO does not work. It seems that the pad in the kit is the key to the cleaning, not the product as the pad acts like scouring pad.

Shadazzle Shower

I would say yes to this, it cleans ok and does leave a bit of a sparkle, on glass showers it works pretty well and on glass surfaces.

The shower on and off controls are in stainless steel and Shadazzle works a treat, the shower looks great to be honest.




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