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As your parents grow older, it may become challenging to assist them in their daily lives. Whether it’s physical ailments or diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, you want the best care and help for your loved ones. There are many reasons you may not be able to take care of anyone yourself, and that’s why choosing the right care home or live-in care service to help your loved ones when you can’t is so important.

Transitioning care or even a move to an assisted living or independent care facility or also working with a live-in care nurse is a major life event. It can be overwhelming to everyone, especially your loved ones who may have to leave the home that they’ve lived in most of their adult lives. It’s essential to get everything organized so you or your loved ones don’t miss any of the crucial details. Here are some things to think about when choosing an Oxford care home.

Social Care Oxford

Social Care Oxford

  • Different community types: Depending on your loved one’s needs will depend on the kind of care is best for them. There are independent living communities along with assisted living homes and nursing homes for when your loved one needs sub-acute or rehabilitative care.
  • The right fit for your loved ones: One of the many things to ask yourself are any of these care homes near me suitable for the long-term comfort of my parent(s). Some things to look at are apartment size, floor plan, location, dietary and dining options, décor, and amenities. Are there good transportation or fitness programs? What kind of activities are offered? Are any of these pet-friendly? Giving up a pet is a hard choice for anyone.
  • The cost for present and future: Many assisted living homes are great for residents with minor cognitive impairments or early-stage dementia/Alzheimer’s as they offer additional care and support. As conditions worsen, you may want a facility that can gently move your loved one to a different level of care. This will increase your cost, especially if they’re moved to a different facility.
  • Visit each facility: Besides searching for referrals, take some time, and visit each facility that interests you. Take a tour and ask questions regarding care and support. If you need to visit each facility during the day and night to compare the levels of care in case they are different.
  • Get a medical assessment for your loved one: This will help you confirm that your chosen facility is right for your loved one’s needs. A qualified nurse at the living center should do this as part of the medical records before move-in times.
Oxford Care homes

Oxford Care homes

It’s hard to see a loved one’s physical or mental health deteriorate over time. It can be challenging to handle such situations on your own as you may have your own family or not have the skills and ability to do so. That is perfectly normal. Choosing the right facility to help your loved one is vital as you want the best care for them. If you feel it’s time to look into such a thing, take your time and research the available options.

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