The Need For Visual Media Marketing

How Animmersion Creates Immersive Communication With Your Clients

Animmersion is a UK based digital visualisation studio that understands the use of technology to create sophisticated digital experiences that meet the needs of their clients.

Organisations such as Johnson Matthey, Unipres and Teesside University have enjoyed profitable relationships with Animmersion because the company does not just demonstrate mastery of digital visualisation techniques and tools, but they understand how to focus upon the needs of their clients.

The company works hard to understand their clients’ unique requirements and engage them in the development process. Animmersion handles projects in animation, interactive displays, virtual and augmented reality, holograms and mixed reality, and UI and UX design.

Why does your business need visual media in its’ marketing mix?

If you want to get your target audience (your people) to engage with your brand or products and services, then visual media is a requirement; that’s because you can improve engagement with your written media by as much as 94% through using appropriate visual content. Just mentioning the word ‘video’ in a written message increases clickthrough rates.

Visual media is an attention grabber and with billions of pieces of visual content on the Internet, competition for the eyeballs you need to capture is fierce.

High-quality visual media is shareable in a way that text-based content isn’t. Your carefully crafted visual media can reach further than just the immediate viewer but can be shared hundreds, thousands or millions of times on social media; extending your reach in ways hard to believe a few years ago.

Because, even within national markets, the ability of potential clients or users to read text varies considerably, the use of visual media enables organisations to reach their audience with an easy to understand message that minimises the need to read. Everyone can share their understanding of visual media.We exist in a world full of the mediocre, bombarded with words, sounds and images, all competing for our attention. Your business needs a way to cut through the morass of mundane noise with the messages that captivate, inform, and guide viewers to take profitable actions.
A carefully created, attention grabbing visual feast from expert imaginations supporting your products and services give a profitable route to your audience’s mind. That connection is why your business needs to use visual media at the core of your marketing.

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