Visit Another World In A Special Way With Montcalm Luxury Hotels

Visit Another World in a Special Way with Montcalm Luxury Hotels.

Oxford is wonderful, it is a great place to live and a special place to visit but sometimes even the most satisfied of us seeks something different. Sometimes Oxford’s dreaming spires are just a little bit too ‘dreamy.

London is just 60 miles away from Oxford and yet can seem like another world. Different shops, great theatres and shows, a whole new gastronomic world and the bustle of one of the world’s great cities and all on the doorstep for any of us fortunate enough to be called Oxfordian.

The thing is though, when I get on the train to London for a weekend away I don’t want to stay in a cramped little box of an hotel where I can share the ‘social’ experiences of my fellow guests from several rooms away. My wife and I look for something a little better, a cut above.

For me, London, like Oxford is a city, a world, with a long history and I like to enjoy a taste of that culture in an hotel where the best of the past is preserved and perfected. For me, and probably you, the hotel in which one stays is like the setting for a piece of fine jewellery. The hotel should enable the relaxation, the rest, the enjoyment, without ever getting in the way of the jewel that is London.

All of this is why I am going to suggest checking out the Montcalm Luxury Hotels in London for your next visit. They ‘get’ what the whole hotel experience should be about for those who understand how to live well. At the same time, they also understand that value is key to our enjoyment, that we shouldn’t pay too much for the pleasure of a good night’s sleep!
But, a great hotel is not just a place to sleep, oh no! You should expect to be able to pamper yourself.

If your idea of a good time is the soothing sanctuary of a serene spa then you need to spend some time in the spa at the Montcalm Marble Arch, indulge your body and mind after a hard day of sightseeing and shopping, or before a long evening of dining and theatre. If the indulgence of a spa isn’t for you then choose one of the great Montcalm restaurants and bars to spend some pleasant downtime. Or, perhaps, do both?

We at OxfordLocals think that staying at a West End location in a fine building with great facilities and close to the sights and action that is London is hard to beat; but we think that Montcalm’s advance booking deal seals the deal! If you are planning in advance, and who doesn’t when there’s restaurant reservations and show tickets to be arranged, then Montcalm will give you a special deal on the cost of your stay and, to sweeten the deal, will add in some handy extras to make your stay even better.


Now’s the time to start to plan your next special trip to London, the treat you’ve been promising yourself: Little bit of Montcalm Luxury hospitality will make the special into the exceptional, that’s a promise from OxfordLocals to you!

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